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Gabe Henson

Nike Basketball Camp Director
Jackson, MS

Coach Gabe Henson started coaching at the AAU level in 2009 with the Jackson Panthers, one of the best travel teams in the country. In continuing his impact on the game, Henson also coaches and trains kids of all ages through his mentoring program.

Under Henson's guidance, the Jackson Panthers have won state tournaments and were runner ups in the King of the Court Classic. Henson's goal is to ensure that every student athlete that plays for his Panthers organization either receives an academic or athletic scholarship. 

Coach Gabriel Henson is an avid sports fanatic. Henson played youth baseball, football, and basketball, however his passion for basketball is what was most outstanding. Actively competing throughout high school, Henson gained a wealth of knowledge and as a young adult became interested in helping kids learn the fundamentals of the game. In 2006, he became the assistant coach for the girls and boys basketball team at Brinkley Middle School, in which he was mentored by Coach Albert Redd. Henson was privileged to 

work with Coach Redd as he helped him to learn the analytics of basketball at the developmental level, and had a major impact on him becoming the coach that he is today. 

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